“TRAILER TRAUMA” is coming—name the movies and win a Blu-ray!


New disc company Garagehouse Pictures is offering “an unprecedented orgy of sex, violence, and insanity”: a Blu-ray called TRAILER TRAUMA compiling vintage previews for horror and other exploitation fare. And they’re offering sharp-eyed fans a chance to win a copy!

TRAILER TRAUMA hits next Tuesday, January 5, containing over two hours of coming attractions (66 in all) for freaky, frightening, sexy and silly flicks, many of which have never been released on DVD or VHS, remastered in 4K from original 35mm elements. In advance of the release, Garagehouse has launched a contest tied to the disc’s own trailer, which you can see below (warning: it’s full of sex and violence and NSFW!). It features clips from 40 of the featured previews; fans are invited to list as many of the movies as they can and submit them to the Garagehouse Facebook page. The top three entrants with the most correct titles will win the Blu-ray; submissions must be sent by midnight on January 4. For the full details, click here, and to pre-order TRAILER TRAUMA exclusively at Diabolik DVD, go here.


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