The 2015 FANGORIA Holiday Gift Guide!


With only two weeks until Christmas rears its head, there might be more than a few FANGORIA fans who are scrambling to find gifts for the lurid loved ones in their life. At the same time, holiday shopping can be a pain: from long lines, parking, and the looming shadow of disappointment, getting gifts for fright fans can be a nightmare in and of itself. So with that on our macabre mind, FANGORIA has put together a 2015 holiday gift guide to help make your seasonal sacrifices as painless as possible…





At $269.99 , this 9-season Blu-ray set is one of the more expensive items on this list, but for the X-FILES fan in your life, this is the showstopper that puts all other X-mas gifts to shame. And with over 151 hours of X-FILES to be had in stunning high definition, this is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.




Currently standing at $19.99, this re-release of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 horror offering sports a brand new 4K remaster and Dolby Atmos audio mix, among other excellent features and limited edition packaging. Likely the definitive version of the film, the lavish production design, practical FX and cinematography has literally never looked better, making for a breathtaking gift for even the most jaded Blu-ray collector.





One of David Cronenberg’s most terrifying titles, THE BROOD has been given the top-of-the-line treatment courtesy of the Criterion Collection, including a 2K transfer and an impressive assembly of special features. Add in a 2K transfer of Cronenberg’s CRIMES OF THE FUTURE, this edition of THE BROOD will put a cheshire grin on the face of any horror hound when found in their stocking.





With NO TELLING, HABIT, WENDIGO and THE LAST WINTER in tow alongside myriad short films, music videos and behind-the-scenes featurettes, THE LARRY FESSENDEN COLLECTION aims to be the end-all, be-all gift for the horror fan hungry for independent scare fare. Furthermore, this Scream Factory release offers an informational booklet with liner notes by FANGO’s own Editor-in-Chief Michael Gingold!





Perhaps the crown jewel of Grindhouse Releasing in 2015, Lucio Fulci’s surreal creepshow looks and sounds incredible on this 3-Disc Collectors Set. For those looking for a bit more viscera under the Christmas tree, this loaded high-def release comes with all the fixings, including a Bonus CD of Fabio Frizzi’s remastered score.





With Bryan Fuller having taken the reigns of FANGORIA #343, there’s nothing better to accompany that issue better than the satisfying swan song of NBC’s HANNIBAL.






Although any self-respecting horror fan loves the films and scores of John Carpenter, the filmmaker/composer proved himself to be just as skilled without cinematic accompaniment with LOST THEMES. And with 15 new tracks (as well as a remixed spin-off), LOST THEMES marks the most vibrant offering from the Horror Master in years.





Mixing heavy metal, rock opera and visceral science fiction, Fear Factory’s badass new album marks an important step in the band’s legacy. Evoking a classic Fear Factory sound whilst remaining as hard-hitting and experimental as ever, GENEXUS is a psychotronic metal masterpiece that just might replace Jingle Bell Rock on your holiday rotation this year.





By far the most lauded horror soundtrack of 2015, the pulsating, petrifying sounds of Disasterpeace helped make IT FOLLOWS the most talked-about horror film of the year. Besides, no film score will making your daily commute in 2016 more terrifying than this scary, synth-driven work of art.





The newest EP from the Austin-based hard rock/heavy metal outfit, MEN BECOME GODS is a perfect diving-in point for those unfamiliar with Dead Earth Politics. 4 tracks of unrelenting, riff-roaring rock ‘n’ roll, MEN BECOME GODS is a blast from the past with the modern edge that fright fans will be sure to appreciate.





Although you won’t be able to have the latest chilling vinyl from Waxwork Records under your tree physically, this chilling composition ships next month and is bound to make collectors of horror vinyl freeze in terror. And with the limited edition slipcase and design, this score is just as good on the eyes as it is on the ears.




Collection No. 1_Album Cover

With new tracks from KARDIAC, Scifisol and Throne of Anguish, the first physical release from FANGORIA Musick highlights seven of our acclaimed artists on one delightfully disturbing disc. So whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer, get the most macabre music for your buck from FANGORIA MUSICK COLLECTION NO. 1!







One of the better surprises of 2015, Double Take’s ULTIMATE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD series has taken the near 50-year-old property into fascinating new places. And while you can’t pick up these comics on the web via retailers, each ten-issue super pack can be found at your local comic book store.





Written by Zach Shields, Todd Casey and Laura Shields, this extension of Michael Dougherty’s holiday horror film helps build that haunting universe to something even more mischievous and macabre. And with different artists for each of the four tales, there’s something for everyone if you choose KRAMPUS: SHADOW OF SAINT NICHOLAS to invite into your holiday plans.




I in Evil

The debut book from FANGO’s Ken Hanley, this satirical book (described as a “self help book for monsters) features stunning illustrations from Marvel/DC alumni Adam Wallenta as well as a humorous spin on horror’s most iconic creatures. So if you’re looking for something a horror-comedy fan can sink their teeth into, look no further than THE I IN EVIL.





While it may be some time before Sam creeps his way back onto the big screen, TRICK ‘R TREAT: DAYS OF THE DEAD offers up new terrifying tales in Michael Dougherty’s creepy universe to tide over horror hounds. If you’re the kind of cat that celebrates Halloween all year round, make Sam proud and accept no substitutes.





The latest collection of short stories from the undisputed master of literary horror, Stephen King’s THE BAZAAR OF BAD DREAMS will make sure any reader doesn’t sleep through this holiday season.





Celebrate 35 years of FANGORIA with COVER TO COVER, a compendium of FANGORIA covers guaranteed to bring back some macabre memories to dedicated horror hounds. With words from Tony Timpone, Chris Alexander, Bruce Campbell, Michael Gingold and more, this chilling collection from Cemetery Dance is a prime coffee table book for FANGORIA fans.






This set needs no introduction: while it’s going to cost a pretty penny, NECA’s life-sized ALIEN Egg & Facehugger is the hands-down best gift any ALIEN fan could ask for. And while it won’t be ready under the Christmas tree this year, a pre-order confirmation is likely enough to make a horror hound jump for joy.





Why not have your loved one spend their holiday with FANGORIA #344’s covergirl? Thanks to Tweeterhead, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is spreading holiday cheer the best way she knows how!





For the Lovecraft lover in your life, Warpo Toys’ LEGENDS OF CTHULU action figure set is a true one-of-a-kind collection and is a perfect starter set to introduce your young ones to the Ancient Ones.





This interactive, life-like replica of Frankenstein’s Monster (officially licensed and approved by the Karloff Estate) is a must-buy for Universal Monster aficionados.




FU5431Perhaps the fastest growing figure series, Funko has yet to put out a horror staple in the POP! line as impressive and creepy in its own right than AMERICAN HORROR STORY’s Twisty the Clown!





Exclusive to the FANGORIA Store, this 14-inch George A. Romero plush figure hits horror fans just in time for the holidays.


Odds ‘n’ Ends




This original print from Matthew Thierren captures the ‘80s horror vibe perfectly with his poster for the non-existant film, THE INCINERATOR.




tales-from-beyond-the-pale (1)

With ten new episodes of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE from the likes of Stuart Gordon, Eric Red and more, this radio play series will offer hours of fantastic, frightening audio horror.





Taking the slasher conceit and twisting it on its head, UNTIL DAWN is the strongest horror game of 2015, offering a unique and horrific experience as both a single player and party game alike.





From art collective WE BUY YOUR KIDS, this new Mondo poster gives CREEPSHOW a wicked new poster, although with only 150 in circulation, this might be a gift to grab sooner rather than later.





With dates for next year’s Stanley Film Festival still in the air, the event to be at in 2016 is the FANGORIA-sponsored Texas Frightmare Weekend, featuring guests from around the world of horror.





Move over, Devils! FANGORIA’s official Hockey Jersey is the perfect winter wear for FANGORIA readers of any shape or size.

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