“SOME KIND OF HATE” (Blu-ray Review)


Following its world premiere at the 2015 Stanley Film Festival, SOME KIND OF HATE was this writer’s true, definitive frontrunner for the best horror film of the year. A clever, emotional twist on the long-dormant slasher subgenre, SOME KIND OF HATE brought a brutal, visceral vision to the big screen unlike anything this writer had before while establishing Adam Egypt Mortimer as a genre director to watch. And while Image/RLJ Entertainment gave the film a push during its VOD release in September, there are still many fright fans who have yet to give the film a shot. Now, with the film debuting on Blu-ray (exclusive to Best Buy until late next month), horror hounds have the perfect opportunity to catch up with the macabre movie, while fans of the film have a chance to check out the bigger picture of SOME KIND OF HATE.

For those unfamiliar, SOME KIND OF HATE follows Lincoln, a serially abused teenager who is sent to a therapeutic rehabilitation compound after lashing out violently at a bully. While at the compound, the vicious cycle begins again as corrupt counselors and troublesome patients send Lincoln into his darkest place yet. However, in his anger and desperation, he invokes the otherworldly presence of Moira, a girl who was bullied to death and promises revenge on Lincoln’s abusers via her supernatural abilities.

Unsurprisingly, SOME KIND OF HATE holds up upon second viewing, containing the same hard-hitting horror that this writer experienced at Stanley. The suspenseful, gory kill sequences remain equally as effective- almost a given considering Moira’s specific method of murder- and Mortimer’s performance-driven direction still helps maintain a fun atmosphere through the emotionally gruelling arc of Lincoln. And by refusing to compromise his vision for those who would care for a more traditional slasher, Mortimer offers a dramatic edge to SOME KIND OF HATE that will resonate with those who look for more than just blood in their fright fare.


With a Blu-ray courtesy of RLJ Entertainment, SOME KIND OF HATE offers pristine, high definition video as well a solid 5.1 audio mix. Shot digitally, SOME KIND OF HATE sports a crystal clear image quality, which should offer particular depth for those with solid HD home theater set-ups. Likewise, SOME KIND OF HATE’s Dolby audio transfer will work wonders, offering a dynamic range that offers clean diegetic sound among the grungy score and spine-tingling sound design.

Meanwhile, RLJ luckily also provided some special features on this release, giving the package a bit more value than a barebones release even if there’s far from a wealth of extras. For fans of the film, there’s several deleted scenes featured on the disc (with optional commentary from Mortimer) that shows some of the more world-building or exposition-laden moments that were cut from the final product. Otherwise, the disc features two commentaries, the first of which offers Mortimer’s reflections on the film and some interesting anecdotes from the director’s perspective. The second commentary is a cast track, featuring Grace Phipps, Sierra McCormick and Ronen Rubinstein, all of whom share a fun rapport as they offer tidbits about certain scenes and the overall on-set atmosphere.

Overall, SOME KIND OF HATE is definitely a horror offering deserving of your attention, and for those who want the best possible viewing experience, one will be hard-pressed to find a better outlet than this Blu-ray release. While a bit scant on special features, RLJ provides more than a barebones disc here, which is to their credit considering how strong the existing HD materials were beforehand. It’s an above-average release for an impressive film, and the perfect antidote for those looking for a more serious edge in their contemporary chillers.

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