Richard Millen plays the Dad from Hell in Grayson Whitehurst’s “HOUSE OF DAD”!


Without a doubt, Grayson Whitehurst and his team are a crowd to keep an eye on. News on his recent project THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE took the genre by surprise with a totally original, well-executed idea. The interactive horror experience is still live if you’d like to try sneaking around POV-style.

THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE isn’t the only thing Whitehurst has up his sleeve. He’s also been hard at work behind the scenes on his short film, HOUSE OF DAD. The short film stars Richard Millen as the crazed father, and Joseph Hennessy plays his doomed son, “Pip”. Millen was born for the role as he gives “Dad” a very intimidating, eccentric quality. HOUSE OF DAD is a stressful, yet fun short film and the group behind the production is a force to be reckoned with. Hennessy worked alongside Whitehurst to write the film which was produced by Yoseph Ehrenkranz. Whitehurst, Ehrenkranz, and Hennessey are all students of NYU/NYU Tisch.

Read more about HOUSE OF DAD:

HOUSE OF DAD is an alternative dark comedy that details the unstable relationship between a competent young man and his delusional father.

While Pip’s only objective is to get to school, his father stands in his way, spouting several ambiguous ‘life lessons’ that serve more as obstacles than experiential aids. Pip’s father has tested Pip with his antics before; however, when Pip is assigned his most outrageous task yet, he reaches a boiling point.

HOUSE OF DAD will be making its round on the festival circuit soon, so we expect to see many festival laurels on its poster in the near future.

We’ve got a treat for FANGO readers with an exclusive teaser! Check it out below:

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