Nothing “NORMAL” about chiller premiering this weekend


A woman goes on a bizarre psychosexual journey in NORMAL, a New York indie production that makes its festival premiere on Saturday. Read on for more info and photos.

No relation to Richard Griffin’s recent feature of the same title, NORMAL is a hallucinatory horror movie written and directed by Mike Turney, and stars Nicola Fiore as Pingo, a bartender with an addiction to sex combined with sensory deprivation. Her inability to connect with others in a “normal” manner seems like it might change when she reconnects with an old friend, but then she starts getting stalked by a mysterious man and suffering from a frightening affliction, and twisted secrets from her family past begin emerging. The cast also includes Jodi Ferguson, Hunter Kohl and Robert Barnes; Lisa Forst created the makeup FX.

NORMAL has its world premiere on Saturday, December 5 at 7 p.m. at Australia’s A Night of Horror Film Festival, accompanied by Turney’s short film THE LITTLE; the filmmaker will be on hand for a Q&A. Find out more about the movie at its Facebook page.




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