Is “HALLOWEEN” Looking For A New Home?!


As simple and satisfying as the formula for a classic slasher property can be, there seems to be an inordinate amount of hold-up regarding many of our beloved fright franchises. Whether it’s the ongoing (and with the departure of director David Bruckner, fairly heartbreaking) drama of developing a new FRIDAY THE 13TH chapter or the arrested development of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and HELLRAISER franchises, it seems that overthinking and frustration has kept several fruitful films from furthering their respective mythologies. Yet very few have had changes so drastic as the recent exclusive report from Bloody-Disgusting on the HALLOWEEN franchise, which alleges that Malek Akkad has taken the petrifying IP from Dimension Films to search for a new distributor.

That’s right: the B-D gang claims that after 20 years of controlling the HALLOWEEN franchise, Dimension’s recent troubles with HALLOWEEN RETURNS has allegedly created a rift between the distributor and rights-holder Malek Akkad, and former parent company Miramax is shopping the franchise elsewhere. This would effectively leave HALLOWEEN RETURNS dead in the water as the franchise itself would undergo another re-evaluation. However, this report has yet to be confirmed or denied by the powers that be, so until silence is broken on the studio side, the future of the HALLOWEEN franchise remains a question mark.

While Dimension Films doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to the horror genre, this change of events is certainly a bold move on the part of Akkad and Co. For starters, Dimension Films is owned by The Weinstein Company, who just last week announced their intention to focus more on profitability as opposed to awards bait; losing a franchise such as HALLOWEEN would be the antithesis of said outlook. Furthermore, HALLOWEEN was one of the few feet Dimension still had in the genre, with the others being the SCREAM, AMITYVILLE and HELLRAISER franchises, all of which haven’t had a release in years. And also there’s the chance that HALLOWEEN might find greener pastures on the small screen, as a serialized reboot would certainly be given more creative freedom and breathing room to re-establish its mythos. In any case, a situation like this won’t stay silent for long, so stay tuned for updates on HALLOWEEN!

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