FANGORIA is a monthly horror and exploitation film magazine, which has been in continuous production since 1979. As one of the world’s premiere genre magazines, interning with FANGORIA will give you ample training and experience in both the journalism/media industry as well as the film industry. If you want to get a first-hand look at the horror industry, this is the internship for you.

(Post-secondary Film/Arts/Journalism Students in the New York Area)

Are you a writer with a vast knowledge of genre cinema and arts who wants some practical experience and exposure? FANGORIA is always on the lookout for emerging genre writing talents. In addition to gaining writing and publishing experience through the mentorship of established professional peers, interning with FANGORIA may also involve:

• Writing articles for the print magazine and website

• Working on the FANGORIA website

• Assisting at local horror conventions and events

• Coordinating content and press releases

If interested, please contact info@fangoria.com for more information on our pitching policies, writing guidelines, and scheduling expectations. Please include a cover letter, CV and three writing samples.



(Post-secondary Film/Arts or Archival Students in the New York Area)

FANGORIA is looking to digitize our back-catalogue of magazines, date range 1979-2013, and to make this archive accessible on our website, Fangoria.com.

The materials would consist of 34 years’ worth of print magazines, photographs, 35mm slides, and written correspondence from directors, actors, writers, FX artists, all currently housed in our office in the historic 42nd Street neighborhood of Manhattan. The volume of material would probably equal 15-20 boxes.

As part of this ongoing project, students will create a system for organizing and digitizing the materials, and will start the physical digitization process, working towards our aim of having the project completed by the end of of 2013. Our expectation is to get a student (or students) to commit to the project one day a week, or for a minimum of 84 hours total as suits the student(s)’ schedule.

While essentially an archival project open to students in any arts program, those interested in genre film would get the most out of it, as they have access to not only one of the genre’s most important archives, but also promotional materials and free movie passes that get sent to the office on a daily basis. Students interested in writing for the magazine may also find opportunities with the project, as they could gain professional writing experience in tandem with archival duties.

If interested, please contact info@fangoria.com for more information.

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