FANGORIA Podcast Network: ‘Trovember’ continues on “THE HORROR SHOW” with “TERROR FIRMER”!


Last week, the hosts and fans of THE HORROR SHOW kicked off their ‘Trovember’ celebration with a re-examination of Troma’s seminal CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH. Laughs were had, FX was praised and the spirit of the 40+ year old independent satirical studio got many listeners out of their post-Halloween funk, And to continue on with THE HORROR SHOW’s ‘Trovember’ programming, hosts Sean & Joe dive headfirst into filmmaking hell with Troma’s meta masterpiece TERROR FIRMER!

Listeners, get your gag reflexes ready as Sean & Joe tread through the trenches of TERROR FIRMER, storming through every disgusting death scene, outrageous gross-out moment and Troma trademark that there is. There’s a lively discussion about the delicate art of Troma ADR, the over-the-top FX of the film and the independent outlook that has allowed Troma to persevere through even the most troubled production. And what would an episode of THE HORROR SHOW be without a tried-and-true laugh at the expense of the not-so-favorite films of Steven Spielberg?


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