FANGORIA Podcast Network: “THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW” celebrate a “BLACK CHRISTMAS” (1974)!


Now into their third week on the FANGORIA Podcast Network, THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW are getting into holiday horror in a big bad way, last week covering the seminal Christmas horror comedy GREMLINS. However, this week offers something a bit more dread-inducing as Kate & Tab go for what is often lauded the best seasonal fright flick of all time. That’s right: THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW get on the line with Bob Clark’s slashterpiece, BLACK CHRISTMAS!

This week, Kate is the one on the hot seat as she had never seen BLACK CHRISTMAS before, as the girls discuss their reaction to the horror offering as well as the slasher archetypes that would later be found in ensuing films decades later. Furthermore, THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW also take a second to talk about their favorite non-genre Christmas flicks, including both SCROOGED and A CHRISTMAS STORY.


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