Exclusive Trailer Premiere: “LILIN’S BROOD”


While found footage horror has become less of a commodity nowadays, the inherent structure of the subgenre guarantees it to live on in some form or another. And for this writer’s money, so much has been done with found footage that it will truly take a movie that goes for broke into weird, wicked directions to impress horror hounds jaded with the format. Luckily, LILIN’S BROOD looks like the kind of movie- like 2015’s indie surprise HOOKED UP- that’ll remind horror fans why found footage was so fun in the first place, and FANGORIA has the exclusive first trailer for the film below!

For those unfamiliar with the indie film, here’s the official synopsis for LILIN’S BROOD…

A “New Media” news coverage team that is stranded near a beleaguered brothel in the middle of nowhere encounter a group or women with a terrifying secret.

Directed by the Mansa Mojo Brothas, the film stars SALEM’s Martin Sensmeier as well as Maxine Goynes, Brent King, Melinda Milton, Alberto Barros, Catherine Paiz, James Wellington and Sandra Hinojosa. LILIN’S BROOD will hit Amazon and iTunes on February 12th, 2016. You can keep an eye out for more on LILIN’S BROOD here at FANGORIA.com.

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