Exclusive photos: “THE DARK MILITARY” begin maneuvers


Principal photography has wrapped on the action/horror survival thriller THE DARK MILITARY, featuring a whole squad of ruthless killers. We’ve got some exclusive pics to share.

The feature writing/directing debut of actor Loren W. Lepre, THE DARK MILITARY is a co-production of Average Superstar Films and Backseat Conceptions, the latter of which was behind the PUNK ROCK HOLOCAUST series and Adam Ahlbrandt’s CROSS BEARER and THE CEMETERY. That company’s Doug Sakmann also served as special FX coordinator, and the cast includes R. Marcos Taylor (who played Suge Knight in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON), Cabrina Collesides, Lamar Bumbrey, John Woods, Gina Marie Scholl, James Donahue, Eric Foxhill, Shannon Sexton and Cory Kastle.

The synopsis: “What starts as an innocent but thrilling Halloween attraction turns out to be a life-changing—or life-ending—game of survival for the youth of a small country town. The unsuspecting group, seeking fame and notoriety, willingly participate in a so-called ‘staged’ experience called SURVIVAL GROUNDS, knowing their every move will be broadcast worldwide via the Internet. Finally, a chance for some excitement in their otherwise boring lives. Besides, everyone seeks a little thrill on Halloween, right? Luring the participants with press, praise and a killer party too good to say no, cell phones are voluntarily abandoned and they are driven into an untraceable remote area. Far off the radar from their distraught families, the world watches the bloodbath unfold in real time as an unrelenting police force attempts to pinpoint the massacre.

“So who this ‘Dark Military?’ This rumored rogue army of heartless killers heeded their warning, and the world did not listen. Well, the world is listening now, and watching in horror…as the Dark Military closes in on their prey. This not a game, and no one knows how to stop it. All you can do is watch and wait…”

DARK MILITARY is currently in postproduction, with the release planned for October 2016. You can watch a teaser below the photos, and see more photos as well as behind-the-scenes clips at the movie’s Facebook page.




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