Director’s Cut of “THE EXORCIST III: LEGION” is coming to Blu-ray!


A few weeks ago, a rather interesting email popped up in my inbox regarding a potential news tip, claiming that THE EXORCIST III: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT was discovered, assembled and is getting a Blu-ray release. However, with an unproven source emailing under a clear pseudonym, this writer was a bit apprehensive going forward with the news, especially considering that THE EXORCIST III was only recently given a Blu-ray release of its own. Yet news out of Destroy the Brain today has given this writer cause to revisit that email with much less caution as it appears that William Peter Blatty’s original cut of THE EXORCIST III: LEGION will be making its debut on Blu-ray soon!

That’s right: from the mouth of Blatty and Morgan Creek themselves, it seems that the “lost” footage from the original cut of THE EXORCIST III has been recovered and is being restored for a high definition release. No word on who is distributing it or if this will be a special release, such as a new 2K/4K transfer or a feature-packed “Collector’s Edition,” although if one had to guess by the stark honesty from Blatty and Morgan Creek, perhaps a formal announcement on or around Christmas might be a safe bet. In any case, for a climate where lost footage can truly sometimes be lost, the revival of film culture and collector’s markets has helped make miracles for horror films, especially in a case where elements have been lost for 25 years such as THE EXORCIST III.

After revisiting the original email, this writer has learned the following about the upcoming Blu-ray release: it will be a Region A release that will conclusively happen in 2016 from a proven U.S. specialty distributor. However, after some digging on this writer’s part, no one has come to claim responsibility for the release just yet; perhaps the i’s haven’t been dotted nor the t’s crossed, but more than likely, a release like this might be kept on the hush-hush until a more momentous occasion calls for it. Furthermore, many of the specialty distributors this writer reached out to offered a firm denial as opposed to a more vague answer or no comment, including prime suspect Scream Factory who previously worked with Morgan Creek to release NIGHTBREED: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT. Keep an eye out for more on THE EXORCIST III: DIRECTOR’S CUT Blu-ray when it becomes available here at FANGORIA.com!

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