David Moscow’s directorial debut thriller “DESOLATION” releases January 26th! (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)


Back in 2015, David Moscow launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring his directorial debut dream to life. The project ended up racking up a total of 368 backers and $70,896 raised! David Moscow has been in countless films over the years including: BIG, VACANCY 2: THE FIRST CUT, RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS, but he itched to get behind the camera to direct a feature film himself. Gravitas Ventures and Parade Deck Films teamed up to bring us horror fiends this eerie film. Maybe Zoltar helped make his wish come true!

Directed by David Moscow, written by Craig Walendziak and Matthew McCarty, DESOLATION starts out in Upstate New York where a young lady (Katie) meets the man of her dreams (Jay) who convinces her to come to his home in LA. Unfortunately, plans don’t quite work out like the fairy tale they may have hoped for. Starring Dominik Garcia-Lorido as Katy, with Brock Kelly as Jay, and Raymond J. Barry as Father Bill, DESOLATION proves ‘Hollywood is to DIE for’.

Read the full sinister synopsis below:

Small town Katie (Dominik García-Lorido, CITY ISLAND) meets heartthrob actor Jay (Brock Kelly, PITCH PERFECT). Jay charms Katie, brings her to L.A. where she falls hard for him. When Jay gets a movie and has to leave town, Katie awaits his return. That’s when everything begins to unravel. Katie is robbed, her keys and wallet taken. When she reports it, the police question and then attack her. Terrified, with no money, and stuck in L.A., she keeps calling her friends at home, but just gets a ‘wrong number.’ Frantically, she asks Jay to wire her money and come back, but neither he nor the money show. When Katie’s home town newspaper is delivered to her door in L.A., it includes her obituary. And she realizes there is some greater evil at play.

We’ve got a treat for FANGO readers with an exclusive clip! Check it out:

DESOLATION hits select theaters on January 26th!

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