Cemetery Dance and Fango Team for “FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER” This Summer


Integral to FANGORIA’s now 35 year history is a legacy of menacing, shocking, hilarious cover art that’s titillated, teased and gotten you and us in trouble. Now, Fango is teaming with friends at Cemetery Dance to bring fans and readers an oversized, hardcover collection of all these covers have entailed.

Hitting Summer 2014 is FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER, a massive and full-color look back at every issue of FANGORIA since the acclaimed horror magazine was founded in 1979. This oversized special edition, edited by Fango Editor Emeritus Tony Timpone, collects a wealth of information, trivia and frightening photos, and every legendary magazine cover, serving as a celebration of horror and a “coffee table” book that readers will turn to time and time again.

FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER features a Foreword by the legendary Bruce Campbell, Afterword from longtime Managing Editor Michael Gingold, an introduction from current Editor-in-Chief Chris Alexander and of course, all of the covers from Fango’s essential, mainstay Executive Art Director W.R. Molhalley.

For full detials, see below. To pre-order your copy of FANGORIA: COVER TO COVER, visit Cemetery Dance Publications.

Since 1979, Fangoria magazine has been the bible for horror fans worldwide.  Combining first-rate writing, reporting with unparalleled expertise on the fright-film genre, and eye-popping color photos, Fango has set a standard and become a name recognized by anyone who knows and loves scary cinema. One of the signature elements of the magazine has always been the eye-catching and controversial covers that have grabbed the attention of readers everywhere for the past three decades.

Fangoria: Cover to Cover is a lavish, oversized, and full color hardcover book that celebrates the magazine’s long history and the genre it reports on, reproducing every one of those terrifying covers in stunning full color and providing a history of modern horror cinema that has been thirty years in the making. This special edition volume collects a wealth of information, trivia, frightening photos, and every legendary cover of this acclaimed magazine, serving as a celebration of horror and a “coffee table” book that readers will turn to time and time again.

A Cemetery Dance Publications exclusive hardcover edition, there are no other editions planned anywhere in the world at this time!

Special Features:
* Massively oversized “coffee table” style book
* Four color printing throughout on coated stock
* Includes a full color reproduction of every Fangoria cover
* Foreword by Bruce Campbell and Afterword by Michael Gingold
* Includes trivia and frightening photos for the diehard fans
* Each edition features a unique dust jacket design to make them more collectible
* A Cemetery Dance exclusive hardcover edition with no other editions planned anywhere in the world at this time

Fangoria Cover To Cover TRADE

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