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Werewolves in Siberia Announce 2nd FANGORIA Musick album, “THE DREGS OF ABOMINATION”


For fans of FANGORIA Musick, you’re likely familiar with Werewolves in Siberia, the original FANGORIA Musick artist who made waves with their album DAWN OF THE FLESHEATERS in upon the brand’s launch in 2014. But as FANGORIA Musick grows its cult, Werewolves in Siberia remains with the pack as FANGORIA is proud to announce our second collaboration with the outfit, THE DREGS OF ABOMINATION!

Containing 11 tracks of rarities from their various albums, THE DREGS OF ABOMINATION blends genres and concepts to create a Frankenstein-esque mash-up of macabre music. With shades of ‘70s and ‘80s horror scores, punk rock, metal and hip-hop, Werewolves in Siberia offer their most unique release to date with THE DREGS OF ABOMINATION. And furthermore, THE DREGS OF ABOMINATION has the distinction of being the first FANGORIA Musick release of the new year, dropping in its entirety on January 19th, 2016.

You can check the album cover (featuring cover art by Trey Stimpson) and promotional video for THE DREGS OF ABOMINATION (edited by FANGORIA Musick artist KARDIAC) below, and you can learn more about Werewolves in Siberia HERE. You can also stream DAWN OF THE FLESHEATERS in its entirety at Werewolves in Siberia’s bandcamp page HERE. Stay tuned for more on THE DREGS OF ABOMINATION and Werewolves in Siberia here at FANGORIA.com!


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